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Getting Started - Source of True Life

The Starting Point

The search for true life begins with the universe in which we live.  No doubt, the universe exists.  You can see it and scientists know more about it today than ever before.  It is enormous, estimated to be 93 billion light years in diameter.  Some studies have concluded that the universe has 2 trillion galaxies and each one is estimated to have up to 100 billion stars like our sun.  Though scientists have been searching, there are no known planets around any of these suns that have human life, except Earth.

How did the universe come to be?

Cosmic experts theorize it started with what scientists call the Big Bang, an explosion of matter that set everything in motion, resulting in everything we see today.  What has not been answered is – who set everything in motion; who made the universe possible?

Interestingly, scientists have identified 30-40% of the matter comprising the universe, its mass.  But they still have not identified the remaining 60-70% of the matter in the universe, an energy force they know exists throughout the universe, but cannot be seen.  It is an energy force that holds everything together.

We believe that energy force is God, the One who created the universe and everything in it.

We believe the universe did not just appear out of the vacuum of space.  There is an intelligent Superior Being who engineered it and maintains it.  This is where faith begins.

Are You Searching?

The life  you are looking for …has been searching for you!

If you have been unable to find true life through any other means, you can have it now. It only comes through Jesus Christ.

True Life, Right Now.

True life comes through Jesus Christ. If you want to accept Him as your Savior and Lord, you can do as countless millions of people before you have done:

We invite you to pray this simple prayer out loud:

God, I know that I am a sinner. I confess my sins. I turn away from them and turn toward you.
God, I believe, by faith, that Jesus was crucified for my sins and rose from the dead by your miraculous power.
God, I declare with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and open my heart to follow you and have true life!

A new beginning

What Can I do now?

If you want more details about making this commitment, click MORE ON GETTING STARTED.

Also, there are many informative articles available in RESOURCES.

If you want to talk or pray with someone about what you just experienced or have questions, we encourage you to call 800-700-7000 and talk with someone who is prepared to help you further.

Please come back to sourceoftruelife.com.  We have so much more to offer you to strengthen the journey you have begun.

If you sincerely prayed that prayer, you are saved!  And you are probably beginning to realize it. You have found true life in Jesus Christ!

You still may have a lot of questions but, having taken the first step, it should bring you a sense of relief and joy, knowing that you are accepted by God and connected to His presence.

If you are having suicidal or other thoughts about self-harm,
call 1-800-273-8255, go to the nearest hospital, or call 911.

We have a lot of good information and other resources to assist you on your spiritual journey.  

For new believers, we would recommend starting on the Forward page.  For all others, please choose from the following, (also available via the top navigation menu):